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GS Distributing is a family owned business with a focus on keeping a family atmosphere. With a combined 40 years experience in the mobile entertainment industry we have grown from fanatics to experts. We work to provide the products our customers want at the most competitive prices.

Starting in retail in the late 80's and growing to distribution during the late 90's, we know what car audio enthusiast want and need. Car audio is not about selling and forgetting, car audio is building a relationship and earning your customer's trust; and at GS Distributing we understand this. 

While we are young as a distribution center we are constantly making changes to better ourselves and provide what has been missing in the industry and in the area. We know the industry and know what is missing. While our competitors focus on increasing sales we focus on getting our customer what they need, bettering our service, and building a relationship; in-turn this itself will help in increasing our sales. We are constantly working to add new lines and offer a wider selection, a selection that can be both profitable and worry free for our customers. 

As we grow we hope, with the help of our customers, to become the one distribution center your store needs.




GS Distributing is a distribution center only. We are not retailers. A valid California Resale number is required for all purchases. Territory restrictions apply.

Our Story



GS Distributing offers mobile audio, video, and accessories to Northern California 12Volt Retailers. Our team knows and understands car audio/video.

Our extensive knowledge and supportive staff will prove we are the only supplier you will need when it comes to audio and audio acessories.



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