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Rydeen Announces New 3 in 1 DashCam Rearview Mirror

Rydeen Mobile has announced a new rear view mirror replacement with an always on built-in dashcam. Additionally, the mirror includes navigation and rear view camera capability. A built-in DVR records in 1080p and includes a sensor that will activate when sensing incident.

The MN450S is thinner than Rydeen's previous smart mirror models and it has a 4.3 inch monitor embedded in the main mirror (rather than in a separate compartment) for a more appealing look.

The MN450S includes a 800 by 400 pixel resolution screen and support for a 32GB Micro SD card, Bluetooth, as well as auto-dimming. Additionally it includes a built-in speaker which announces turn-by-turn directions, provided by Sygic.

The unit will be shipping in It will shipping in early 2017 and has been competitively priced at $499, retail.

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